FarmChain Services Pvt Ltd

FarmChain connects farmers and customers. We ensure proper sourcing, quality, packaging, logistics and complete transperency in trade of fresh vegetables and fruits. FarmChain is a technology based service provider.

FarmChain vision is to provide a sustainable operating model backed-up by technology

We cover most of customer segments to reduce friction in end to end supply chain. We ensure eliminating wastages, quality and quantity, efficient processes to make a beneficial and successful trade of fresh vegetables and fruits

Farm to Fork

We can supply fresh vegetables and fruits to home consumers in Mumbai. Easy online orders. No advance payments !!

Retailers and provision stores

We can supply 30+ products in one go in small or big quantities. Suitable packaging for your hygienic storage


For large quantities we connect you to farmers and take care of rest of process of sorting, transport etc without hassle

Restaurants and businesses

We can supply 30+ products in one go in your required small or big quantities. Suitable packaging for hygienic storage


In select items like grapes, pomegranate, watermelon, muskmelon, chickoo etc. Quality assurance, packaging services

Futures and Contracts

To avoid future risks, we help in contracts directly with farmers. We provide services to ensure quality and quantity on time.

Our approach is a win win situation for customers and farmers

With our unique approach, we have successfully demonstrated that we can increase farmers income upto 60% while maintaining high quality standards and customer satisfaction

Services for farmers

We primarily focus on marginal and farmers. We provide -

  • Orders so that they can plan properly for harvesting
  • Local transportation
  • Upfront payment at local prevailing rate
  • Additional payments after successful trade completion and its settlement
  • Logistics

    We provide hygeinic -

  • Aggregation of various products
  • Sorting and grading
  • Unit Packaging
  • Transportation and delivery scheduling and routing
  • Tracking
  • Marketplace and customer service

    We provide services for -

  • Online ordering
  • Marketplace development in Retail, Wholesale requirements
  • Deliveries
  • Feedback for products and farmers
  • What we have achieved so far

    We started in early 2020 and we were fortunate to serve 100s of families and farmers during critical times


    + Farmers


    + Acres of farms


    + Fruits and Vegetables


    + Customers

    FarmChain is developing technology under the world class incubation of VJTI-TBI, Mumbai.We are proud to be associated with VJTI-TBI

    Current farms and sourcing area

    Currently we are sourcing from the parts of Ahmednagar and Nashik district mainly banks of Godavari river. We are interested in exapnding in other areas and source from there. Genuine partnerships are ivited to manage the work in different sourcing areas.